Birthday Girl

Guess who turned another year older last week, ohh it’s me I chose not to mention about it in Instagram as I was waiting for the celebration photos. My family and I went to the beach last weekend as we normally do to celebrate my birthday. It’s fun for everyone, while they can eat and swim I spend it taking photos and just hang out with the cool people I love dearly haha.
I’m glad my birthday falls on a summer month in Australia as it is a driving factor for me to have the picnic in the beach. It’s just a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon feeling the breeze and seeing the blue sky and ocean meet. It’s also a good excuse to stuff myself with homemade dishes and store bought sweets.
I actually baked something from my kitchen and it’s the chunky choc chip cookies. It’s a request from everyone and my boys love it especially, it’s not so sweet as I use dark chocolate. But the orange flourless cake is store bought, the wind blew the candles first before I could make a wish. Thanks to my niece who brought most of these yummy goodness.
And the most fun part is of course the swimming. We decided to swim in the rock pool rather than the beach because of the toddlers. I found this lace-up gingham one piece swimsuit from my favourite online shop. Isn’t it gorgeous? And I decided to wear all blue for my picnic outfit so I can feel being one with nature I almost forgotten this Furla candy bag I got 2 years ago, it seems like I only use it when we have picnic on the beach.
My boys didn’t stay long in the water as there were bluebottles trapped in the pool. It’s one of the few hazards to avoid when swimming in Australian waters.
Outfit Details:
Floral dress from Bardot
Blue candy bag from Furla
Straw hat from Ace
Sunglasses from Quay Australia
Gingham swimsuit